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Periometer dental diagnostic tool

The Periometer is a unique dental health monitoring tool that works like a seismic device. Five light, rapid taps on a tooth provides energy return curves that are interrogated by the PC software to show potential problems with teeth, and provide data that can be tracked to show historical changes in teeth health.


Product Development, Ease-of-Use Engineering, Ergonomics

Taking the basic principles from a device with expired patents, while working with RKS, Mike redesigned the device from the ground up, and led the iterative testing and tuning to create a device capable of reliable and repetitive capture of tooth health data. The process required about a dozen different prototype versions of the handpiece while we chased the level of tap force consistency we were searching for, through design refinements.

Ease-of-use was crucial for the design, as were ergonomics, in a device that may be used eight times a day, every day, by a hygenist as part of a clean and check-up appointment. Tapping is triggered by pressing lightly on the front of the consumable tip. Press too hard and LEDs will warn you by showing amber or red. Hold it at green for around a second, and the device will start tapping the tooth for data capture.

Mike also managed the Industrial Design, UI Design and external EE teams during the course of the project.

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