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Principal of FutureMade, Mike Elam has been described as a unicorn for his rather unique combination of design, engineering and ergonomics talents that make him a highly creative force on technically challenging projects and a master of creating beautifully elegant solutions to physical product interactions.

Apart from a passion for great design and engineering, you'll notice two important things about our portfolio:

  • Innovation everywhere you look

  • Physical products, not computer-generated images


Meaningful product innovations

We can't help it. It's how our brains are wired. We generate bucket-loads of Intellectual Property for our clients, with incredible commercial value. The IP we generate is almost always absolutely central to how a product works, technically, and the genius that's at the core of seemless and intuitive user experiences that build a user's bond with the product and trust in the brand behind it.

Tangible results

The symbiotic collaborations with our clients result in real products because we prefer to take on projects we care about from clients we believe in. That's because we're not in this to make ourselves rich, but to make a difference through our work.

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