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D&A Music Stand

The Bullhead Extreme is the music industry's most impactful music stand innovation ever. FutureMade turned D&A's best-selling five-legged guitar stand and turned it into a fully-configurable musician support system, capable of mounting any combination of sheet music holder, microphone, tablet, GoPro or light panel.

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Intuitive mechanical solutions for maximum ease-of-use

The Bullhead started life as a project to design a music stand for guitar players, and the result is already a great product. But the snap-lock connector system Mike designed for rapid attachment of the sheet music holder then led Mike to come up with the idea for the attachment plate that would facilitate the attachment of almost any combination of accessories onto the stand.

The original sheet music holder design features very satisfying, magnet-securing geared hinges, to go from a flat fold, to a flat open surface. When you approach the fully-open position, magnets attract and hold the sheet music holder open.

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