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Fisco 'Surveyor' Long Tape

The flagship Surveyor 'long tape' was the result of almost five years of research and development, involving field research to study user needs and different use cases, multiple ergonomic test beds and mechanical prototype study models, continuing Fisco's 60 year-old heritage of innovation and category leadership in measuring tools. The tool is the subject of three patents to protect the key innovations FutureMade (as Hyphen Design) created in response to the insights revealed from the field research.

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Research-driven innovation results in a total of three major patents in a sector underserved by design leadership... 

The Surveyor long tape is a measuring tool designed for professionals such as builders, surveyors and groundsmen; and a very good representation of FutureMade's skills, combining applied ergonomics, intuitive interaction and function, appropriate styling and very high quality engineering.

Fisco Tools Ltd, now part of the Hultafors Group, approached FutureMade (as Hyphen Design in London) to take a collection of observational ergonomics research data and videos and create the perfect long tape measure.

In the course of the development process Hyphen generated a number of innovative and patentable features, culminating in three new patents for Fisco, that give them important and unique selling points over and above the competition.

Many mechanical and ergonomic rigs and prototypes were built along the way, to ensure reliability, durability, ease of use and comfort.

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