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The TempehSure oven is a fully-automatic fermentation oven designed to create the plant-based, high-protein food staple, tempeh, in a 24-hr cycle. Containing almost as much protein, gram-for-gram, as chicken and beef, tempeh is a superfood of the future. Originally conceived as a home device, the tempeh oven has seen much interest from the commercial kitchens of pioneering vegan chefs.

The TempehSure oven is being commercialized in partnership with appliance manufacturer Waring, and will be sold under the PlanitPOD brand.


Simplifying design and optimizing ease-of-use

From developing a low-cost interface solution to adding the kind of quality mechanical interaction you'd expect, when pushing down on the handle and opening the oven, we took their working prototype and transformed it into the manufacture-ready product you see.

The process included industrial design, mechanical development, design simplification and design and engineering for manufacture. (Project completed while at RKS Design)

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