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McLaren Mobile Configurator Kit

Described as the most beautiful example ever produced, FutureMade (as Hyphen Design) designed and produced 100 of these beauties for McLaren's new worldwide network of franchised dealership to support the sales of it's first consumer road car in 13 years, the MP4-12C, and the new era for McLaren and its ever-expanding presence in the world of supercars.

The kit was designed for dealers to take with them on customer visits, to allow customers to choose and customize their vehicle from real paint, real fabrics, real carbon fiber - all beautifully executed samples to create awe (and hopefully the up-sell to the more expensive options). 

Two years later, FutureMade (as Hyphen Design) designed and built the god of all up-sell kits, a massive, curved monolith housing a full suite of options for McLaren's exclusive 'reveal room' at their headquarters in Woking, UK.

case concept.jpg
img_5410261110 copy.jpg

The ultimate in experiential design

FutureMade not only designed the case (supporting the efforts of retail and branding agency, Fitch, in the design of the dealerships for McLaren), but took on the task of manufacturing and assembling the complex, luxury cases as well. Despite being a product that was only ever going to be made in very low numbers, FutureMade chose to invest in full injection mold tooling for the 14 molded parts, to achieve the level of fit, finish and robustness they knew would be expected of the cases.

The cases feature removable, carbon fiber shell lids, a billet aluminum kickstand, subtle bumper strips and a machined and polished perspex 'selection tray' stowed in the lid with two custom-machined, over-center catches.

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