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Rollo Dog Leash

The Rollo Harness offers pets and pet owners a new-found freedom by turning the traditional two-piece leash and harness process into an efficient, integrated one-piece system. With Rollo, your dog’s leash is always conveniently attached to their harness for easy access. The leash retracts up to five feet and can be locked at any length.

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Design, Ergonomics, Innovation & Production Engeering

The innovative design of the VAC 5 medical therapy product had to consider use in multiple environments, including hospital and home use; feature clamping for attachment to beds and IV poles; be suitable for vertical mounting or tabletop use, and still not look threatening in a home environment.

Hyphen developed a unique, sprung, winged clamping system that minimised the impact of attachment mechanisms on the overall size of the product; and developed a single handed canister removal system that's easy to use, no matter how the device is orientated.

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