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NOBEBOP modular baby stroller

Designed to tackle anything new parents dare to throw at it, Nobebop has something no other stroller out there has... full, independent suspension. And the innovations keep coming...The large, linked-steering, trail riding off-road front wheels, detach with the press of a button for replacing with castor wheels for swivel-on-the-spot manoeuvring for around town. The seat can be swapped for a cot, and face either forward or back.

Nobebop T1 sample 010.JPG
side view, rearward facing.jpg
side view, cot.jpg

Stacked full of ease-of-use touches and mechanical ingenuity 

FutureMade partnered with start-ups, Nobebop, to design this off-road-capable 'system' stroller and bring it to market. 

Originally conceived as a collaboration with Land Rover, the NB1 design includes a suite of optional bags and on-board storage options. Despite the added complexity of full suspension, one of the principle goals was to design a stroller that could be folded and unfolded very simply and quickly, and be as compact as its market-leading competitors.

It features a bi-directional, tilting seat, a carrycot and the ability to change the off-road front wheels for more maneuverable front castors.

Various prototypes were made, and eventually fully-tooled for pre-production prototyping and testing. Unfortunately the venture ran out of money before it made it to market.

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