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Axia Luminaire for Schréder

The AXIA is an all-purpose luminaire designed for global streetlight manufacturer, Schréder, and the first one designed to utilize their LED modules.

As a broad application luminaire, the challenge is how to create an aesthetic that is as harmonious as possible with all the many different architectural styles in the streets it's installed in. 

With cooling so important for output efficiency and module life, FutureMade turned a the usually jarring industrial feature of cooling fins, and created a characterful styling detail by creating the shielded, perimeter of fins that are invisible in side profile but add a playful note if looking up.


Design Sensitivity and Performance

The AXIA is a luminaire platform that gives the flexibility to take between two and six LED modules, serviceable in the field. With Schréder's modules made with different optics options, light spreads can be tailored for individual installations.

Streetlights are rather unique in their design needs. Only ever seen from the side or below, when installed, the buyers are often looking at samples on a tabletop, meaning every aspect needs to be well-resolved and have very broad appeal.

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